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Your support is vital to our work at Countryside Animal Rescue.

There are many ways you can contribute towards our activities, and every little bit that you commit goes a long way in helping us fulfill our mission.

Learn more about how you can get involved by exploring the opportunities below.


Do you feel the calling to be a part of our work

and support our mission?

If so, rest assured that your time spent contributing to the work of Countryside Animal Rescue will be felt by the rescues and our community. Volunteers are an integral part of our operation and help with many of the daily duties. We guarantee the love you'll get from our rescues will be an amazing feeling of accomplishment and reward knowing you truly helped save a life.

 We welcome Students fulfilling graduation requirements, class projects, people with court ordered Community Service requirements, people with a little extra time on their hands. 

Those people 18 yrs of age and older may volunteer without a parent or guardian supervision. Under 18 yrs of age must have a parent or guardian present while volunteering.

If you would like to Volunteer, please call our office at                707-542-5582 and ask for Kim. She will interview you over the phone and get you signed up on our schedule. 

Thank you for wanting to help save homeless animals.


Countryside Animal Rescue is a leader in the sector and ensures that local needs and priorities come first. Our education program offers a much-desired platform for people who deserve it most. Become a part of a brighter future and join our efforts today.

We welcome school students to volunteer, complete their required community service hours and school projects at our rescue. They learn what is involved in running a rescue, how to care for rescue dogs, the importance of spay/neutering a dog and the importance of socializing your dog.

Volunteer your skills

If you are a handyman or handywoman, we can always use your skills for help around the property. 

We need people skilled in construction, concrete, plumbing, or landscaping. 


Volunteer your skills to help improve our play yards or repairs to our rescue building.

Walk a Dog

Do you enjoy hiking or walking ? 

Enjoy your outing with a companion by your side. Take one of our dogs along. Part of our enrichment program is to expose our dogs to the environment they will be living in. Not only will they benefit from the exercise it will help release any stress or anxiety that can build up.

Join our 
Paw Walkers Program

Call our office at 707-542-5582 for more information about taking a buddy for a walk.



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