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Adoption Process


Countryside Animal Rescue (CAR) is a dedicated team with many years of experience working with all kinds of breeds of dogs.  The dogs in our program come from shelters or from owners that can no longer care for their dog.  Some come from the streets of Mexico.

Each dog is carefully evaluated and vetted. We are with these dogs everyday working with them and learning more about them. When we feel they are ready for a new home they become available for adoption.

Please read our Before You Adopt Section below, then complete our Application.

Adoption Application:                         

Before You Adopt

Adopting a new pet is an exciting and lifelong commitment. Everything we do 

 at Countryside Animal Rescue prepares our pets for a successful adoption and a healthy, happy relationship for you and your new family member.

   Please Read  :                                         Process

   An Adoption Application must be completed.

  *  We may ask for proof of Landlord permission if you rent.

  *  Our Adoption Counselor will review your application, get to know you and       

      determine which dog will be perfect match for your family.


 *   Adoption fees are paid when adoption is finalized.

  *  All adoption fees collected assist in the daily care and ongoing needs of

      our animals.

  *  We offer a Foster 2 Adopt program for various situations. For example, if you have   

      another pet or children, we want to be sure everyone gets along. This two week

      program will give both you and your foster animal time to get know each other and       see if it is a compatible match. We will be checking in with you after the first week,   

      and are available for support through the entire process. At the culmination of the

       two weeks  you may choose to adopt the dog and the foster fee will be deducted from the

       adoption fee.

  *  In some cases, we may allow you to take a dog home before they have been spayed

      or neutered. We expect that you will cooperate with us to complete the surgery as 

      soon as it can be scheduled. A Spay/Neuter Agreement must be signed when

      adoption is finalized.

  *  Our rescue operation is very small. We welcome the opportunity to schedule visits 

      with you, especially if you are interested in adoption or volunteering with us (as a

       foster, at events, or onsite). 

  *  Our time is precious to us in caring for our animals. Please do your absolute best to

      honor the scheduled visit time, and try to limit the length of your visit.

​  *  The health of our dogs is of the utmost importance. All known previous medical

      findings are disclosed to potential adopters. We suggest scheduling an

      appointment with your veterinarian as soon as  possible after adoption to start a

      relationship between your new dog and your vet.  All of our dogs are adopted ‘as

      is’ and all future veterinary care is the responsibility of the adopter.

  *  Please understand that all adoptions are first-come-first-served for qualified       

      adopters, and that we are unable to hold dogs for potential adopters.

Our Adoption fees cover some of the expenses  needed in order for your puppy/dog to be healthy and ready for it's forever home. 
Below gives you an idea of where the fees are  used.

 One rescue puppy/dog $ 860.00 - 985.00
Spay /  Neuter                         $   400.00 avg.
Health Exam                             $    50.00
Puppy vaccinations                   $   236.00

    -  Bordetella
    -  Rabies
Adult Vaccinations                    $   111.00
    -  2  DAPP
    -  Bordetella
    -  Rabies
De-worming                              $     20.00
Microchip                                  $     30.00
Food                                          $    80.00 mth
Housing                                     $   100.00 

Transportation                           $     30.00 per dog

Adoption Counseling                 $     50.00




Process for Adopting A Puppy

 *An Application must be completed.

 *Our Adoption Counselor will review your application,  get to know you, and determine if a puppy is a good fit for your household.

  * The Adoption fee includes the first 3 to 4 puppy vaccines, deworming, and a microchip.

 *  The adopter is financially responsible for the spay/neuter of the puppy.

 * The adopter will sign a spay/neuter agreement and be given a date the procedure must be completed by.

 * The adopter will pay a $50.00 deposit which will be reimbursed when proof of spay/neuter has been completed.

 * Discounted options for spay/neuter can be discussed when adoption is finalized.

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