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Jerry Lee's Journey  ( now LOKI )                   September 24, 2021

(A little long but worth reading)

A large percentage of people have it set in their mind that "Pit Bull" and "Pit Mixes" are

unpredictable, dangerous, and risky with children. Just to make things clear, Pit Bull is

not a breed. It is the generic term often used to describe all dogs of similar traits and

characteristics often know by the public as "Pit Bull". Some dogs do resemble these

 traits, probably at no fault of their own, but like any breed of dog, a healthy Pit Bull

that is raised and managed responsibly will reflect the good care his owners have

invested. Appearance can not determine the personality and future behaviors of a dog.

On that note, you may remember our very sweet, handsome, (for the sake of this story) Pit Bull, Jerry Lee.

Jerry Lee is one of those dogs people look at and automatically think, "Nope, he's a Pit Bull." He is a Pit Bull, short, muscular, a blocky head with very cropped ears and he was rescued from a home that promoted cock fights and dog fights. Just that description is a red flag to a lot of people. Putting aside the fact that he is extremely handsome, I myself, hesitated to take him into the rescue. If Jerry Lee were to get angry and bark, he would be very intimidating, but so can any other dog.

Jerry Lee had a rough beginning. He was left on his own in a game environment, where his species was considered a commodity. He had no idea what it was like to be a dog.

Jerry was not a fighter, that's why he was given up so easily. The home he was given to lasted 3 months due to his owner's own health issues. From there he bounced around 2 shelters, then a foster home and another shelter until finally, with the help of Lisa O., he came to Countryside Rescue.

Jerry was very sad, distant, insecure and almost empty. He started to come around and went to a foster but that didn't work out. This set Jerry back some. He had no idea where he belonged or how to act.

Jerry had extreme anxiety when housed with a large group of dogs. The noise of the barking, whining and commotion when moving dogs in and out set Jerry into panic mode. He paced, panted, drooled and jump around.

Jerry's life before was in a backyard surrounded by fence and unable to hide from the noises coming from the cock fights and dog fights. I can't image how intense that was for him.

For the next 3 months we worked with Jerry to help him gain confidence and accept affection.We set him up in his own little condo up front so he could see people coming and going. Customers always said hi to Jerry and gave him treats. Every staff member here at Countryside and Four Paws Pet Ranch spent time with Jerry, taking him on walks or just hanging out. Jerry began to show life again. He loved our nightly ritual of going to our dog park and sniffing all around. He also loved going for car rides, especially if we went to McDonalds. He started to pounce and run when going somewhere and even started chasing the ball. He loved Fridays because his favorite volunteer, Nick, came and he and Jerry would take long walks and just hang out in the shade watching whatever passed by.

This sweet and very friendly boy was beginning to blossom.

loki 00.jpg


January 21, 2022

One such case was Manny. He was an incredibly special rescue dog who taught us the importance of trust and patience. Despite his past of being tormented by his neighbors and their dogs causing him complete fear of anything around him, he was willing to give us a chance and learn to trust us. It was a rough few months because his fear turned into fear aggression, but we didn’t give up. We knew Manny was an amazing dog that just needed to feel safe in order to show his love and affection. Manny has since been adopted and he is doing amazing. His courage and resilience are truly inspiring.


Sunny Blue Sky

Sunny Blue Sky had a human who adored her and cared for her. Unfortunately, her human passed away and a relative took her in. From what we have gathered, her little life was turned upside down. The family had children that did not play nicely with her, she was neglected and forced to stay outside at night and most of the day. They neglected her health and grooming. Lucky for Sunny, a storm came through town, knocked a fence over, and she escaped.

We are unsure how long she was on the streets and how long she had been with the family, but from her appearance, it was a very long time that brought her to the condition she was in. A very nice father and son found Sunny in their neighborhood and brought her to our rescue the following day.

Her condition was heartbreaking. She was covered in large mats entangled in each other.

Her nails were growing through the mats and curling under.

Her hair blocked her vision.

She had fleas and was very skinny.

She was a little lost soul with no real reaction to anyone. You would not have known but she was obviously in pain from the number of mats pulling on her skin. The only way to relieve her pain was to shave her completely.


It was Sunday and all the Veterinarians were closed. One of our dedicated volunteers, Caroline noticed Sunny. She kindly offered to take Sunny home and foster her. Sunny needed a good meal, a warm place to sleep, and a sense of safety. That evening, Caroline began to carefully cut away the mats in Sunny's fur to provide some relief from the discomfort. It was a slow process, but Caroline made progress and Sunny was able to tolerate the discomfort.


A few days later, our veterinarian examined Sunny. She was sedated, the remaining fur was shaved, and her nails were clipped. Although Sunny's little body was red and sore, we knew she would feel much better in a few days. Sunny also had some other medical issues that needed to be addressed, such as the need for spaying, dental care, and removal of a tumor. Throughout these procedures, Caroline continued to provide foster care for Sunny.


 After some time, Sunny began to overcome some of her fears and became more sociable. Caroline is still working on her fear of strangers. She noticed that Sunny would walk close to the curb as if trying to hide.


Today, Sunny Blue Sky is a completely transformed dog and Caroline's best friend. Caroline ended up adopting Sunny and gave her the name Sunny Blue Sky. She has taken Sunny to training classes, socialized her, and witnessed her develop into an amazing companion.


Caroline and Sunny visit our rescue regularly. It's heartwarming to see Sunny now compared to the first time we met her. Sunny is now playful and affectionate, and it's difficult to fathom how humans can neglect their animals in such severe ways.

Sunny Blue Sky and Caroline's story is one of which motivates us to continue our efforts.


It had been months and still no interest in Jerry. Everybody thought he was super sweet and would take him in a minute...but.....?

Along came Mike. Mike recently lost his pit bull, Magnus, due to health issues. Mike would foster dogs from Magnus's daycare to fill the void. He looked at over 500 bully type breeds on Pet Finder and found Jerry. We came up with a plan to make the transition to Mike smooth. Over the next few weeks, Mike visited everyday, then took him off property a few times, then a couple overnights. Jerry was trusting Mike and Mike was learning his needs.

Last week, ( Sept 2021) MIKE ADOPTED JERRY LEE ! The best day ever !

This once very sad, insecure, lost boy, that people expressed fear of and doubt is a friendly, happy boy that loves other dogs and kids.

The best part is, Mike works with developmentally disabled adults in group homes. Jerry goes to work with Mike. The staff and clients love him.

The other day, one of the clients was having a rough day and cried all day. On his own, Jerry jumped up on the couch with the client, put his head on her lap and she stopped crying.

She stopped ! Jerry did that !

He also loves to go on walks with some of the clients along side their wheel chairs. He puts smiles on everyone's faces. Mike says he has great companion animal instincts. This Pit Bull that brought fear to some was rescued and is now giving back to his community.

I believe there is a person out there for every homeless animal. It just takes patience.

We were able to bring out the sweet, kind dog that Jerry Lee is and Mike continues to see Jerry blossom into the dog he is meant to be.

Thank you Mike for seeing something special in Jerry Lee and committing to save his life. You are amazing !

Jerry Lee is now known as Loki.

Update: Loki is starting basic training to become a service dog.

Punish the deed not the breed - ------  Save a Pit Bull !



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