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Inspiring Impactful Change

Do you want to make a difference in a Homeless dog's life?


We are looking for Volunteer Fosters to help get our harder to place dogs Adopted.

Complete the application and learn more !

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Thank You for Supporting Our Holiday Boutique

Please continue to help us by supporting us through your Amazon purchases by going to

and select Countryside Rescue to support.

Amazon donates a portion of the proceeds to us!

Help our longer-term rescues find their

new forever homes.

Some of our rescues from within our community need a little more time and help to become the perfect fur-buddy for a forever home. Our enhanced enrichment program provides individualized behavioral training and extra TLC to help them blossom into amazing forever friends. Your donations will allow us to expand our in-home visits and training and get them back into the community where they belong!


Introducing, the Very Handsome, JAH 

Our volunteers are an integral part of our operation and help with many Jah is a SHEPRADOR which is a German Shepherd/Labrador Retriever mix. He is 2 yrs  3 mths old.

Jah is an active boy and needs daily exercise. He will be extremely happy with a big backyard to romp around in. Jah prefers to be your sidekick, your road dog rather then left at home alone.  He would much rather go wherever you go.  Jah needs someone with dog experience and the time and desire to train him. Jah is extremely intelligent and eager to please. He knows the basic commands and is very trainable. Jah always has a smile on his face and will bring any family continuous joy.

You may call our office at 707-542-5582 to schedule an appointment during the week to meet Jah or come by Saturday between 11am and 3pm.

Please complete our online application using the link below.

ue frierescue Monday thru Saturday
from 9am to 4pm.

You must contact Kim Johnson @ 707-542-5582 prior to arriving. She will discuss available times and put you on the schedule.

We do accept volunteers under the age ofngements have been made with Kim. All volunteers must complete a questionnaire and ginning volunteer hours.




Icarus is a very handsome, 1 yr and 3 mth old Chihuahua mix. His brindle coloring is stunning. He is good with other dogs and loves to play. He was in a home, but the cat was not thrilled with Icarus. Icarus just wanted to play, but the cat was not happy ! So, a home without cats is best. Icarus is working on some self-improvement where meeting new people is concerned. "Have treat? I will love you!" is his current motto. Icarus loves to go on walks, play with toys and at the end of the day, he loves to cuddle in your lap.

Come meet Icarus Saturday from 11am to 3 pm or you may call our office at 707-542-5582 to schedule a meet and greet.

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More Adoptable Fur Babies

Peanut is a bundle of cuteness. He is a Terrier mix and about 3 -4 months old. He will be a small dog. He is a little shy at first, but warms up when snuggling in your arms. He was rescued from a hoarding situation with Tofu and Blizzard. He will make the perfect addition to your family.       


If you are interested in meeting Peanut, please complete the online application. ( link is below) and you can call

707-542-5582 to make an appointment to meet him or you are welcome to come Saturday between 11am and 3pm.





Coconut is about 5 mths old. They say she is a Shepherd / Lab mix so she will be medium to large, we are guessing. Coconut was found on the streets of Mexico and then in pour foster home for about one week. She is now here at our rescue and in group play every day.


 If you are an active person or family, Coconut will fit right in. She has boundless energy and very intelligent. She is eager to learn and execute commands. A natural for puppy school basics and beyond. She would likely excel in agility training or some advanced skill class or she will be an awesome hiking and biking companion. She is incredibly smart, she has quickly learned some basic leash skills, as well as, sit, come, and is doing unbelievably well with crate training. A puppy that is crate trained already is a huge plus. Coconut is 95% potty trained and is doing very well on recall to her name.

Our foster family is amazing with every foster we bring them. She is working on her social skills with other dogs. She needs a little help learning boundaries and manners. She loves to roughhouse so she can be a bit much for smaller dogs. Having a buddy with the same energy as her would be ideal. 


If you are looking for a companion for your active pup or you would love a hiking, biking, or running buddy, Coconut is just for you.


If interested, please click this link for our online application :



 Piper is approx. 1 1/2 yrs old. She was rescued with two siblings from a "not so good" situation. They were living in filth and starving. Despite the neglect she is Super happy and friendly. She loves to sit in your lap and snuggle. She is a small dog, possibly Terrier / Doxie. 

If you would like to meet Piper you may come Saturday from 11 - 3pm. Please complete our online application at:          






Oso is a 6 year old, Very Handsome Chocolate Lab.

His family had to give him up at no fault of his own.

Oso is an amazing family pet.

He is great with children and people.

He is great with other dogs and is in a group of daycare dogs during the day.

Oso loves to go on adventures.

Come meet Oso. He's patiently waiting for a family to love.

​If you would like to meet Oso you may come Saturday from 11 - 3pm. Please complete our online application at:          





Tippy Toe



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Our mission at Countryside Rescue is to rescue abandoned, homeless animals and place them into permanent, stable, loving forever homes. Our goal is to help reduce the number of homeless animals. Assist in reducing the number of unaltered animals in the community and increase responsible pet ownership.


Above all else, at Countryside Animal Rescue our focus is on saving and improving the lives of animals. This commitment can be found in everything we do—from advocacy and education

to rescue and rehabilitation efforts.

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Informational Handouts

Broken down by category - these handouts will help you with common animal behaviors and challenges. What to expect with a rescued dog. Along with other helpful information to help you and your new forever friend.


Happy Beagle

Your support is important to our work at Countryside Animal Rescue. There are many ways you can contribute towards our causes, and every little bit that you commit goes a long way in helping us fulfill our mission. Learn more about how you can get involved and take advantage of the opportunity to make a difference in a fur baby's life.

Please call our office at 707-542-5582 to be added to our volunteer schedule.




3410 Guerneville Road

Santa Rosa, CA 95401


Fax: 707526-6682

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