Are an integral part of our operation and help with many of the daily duties associated with making our rescue friends feel at home while with us. Generally, volunteers 18+ are welcome at the rescue Tuesday thru Saturday
from 9am to 4pm. Hours can be arranged for Mondays & Tuesdays but need to be more tightly coordinated.


We do accept volunteers of all ages, however they are asked to complete a questionnaire and liability release
before beginning volunteer hours and volunteers under 18 years old are asked to commit to a trial day to match
their abilities and our needs. If accompanied by an adult, this rule is dismissed. 

You must contact Kim Johnson @ 707-230-0132 prior to arriving. She will discuss available times and put you on the schedule.

RSQ HQ - On-site Opportunities
Here is a general idea of duties.


Opening (9am – 12pm) – Wake up the dogs & let them outside to go potty, feed them, put out the dog beds, & make sure the dogs have plenty of toys. You also will help with the crucial task of keeping the animals healthy by ensuring everything remains clean.


Mid-day (12am –  3pm) – Supervise the dogs, take them for walks, feed them their second meal of the day, & provide lots of positive human interaction & socialization. You will also ensure the animals’ health by making sure that the shelter remains clean.


Closing (3pm– 6 pm) – Clean & disinfect the animal areas in preparation for the animals going to bed for the night. The dogs’ beds, blankets & toys are cleaned for use the next day. The dogs like to be walked before bedtime, so we make sure there is adequate time to take them outside.

Check Availability ( Below on Calendar)

Show up at confirmed date / time.

Rinse, Wash & Repeat.

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How you can help:

Getting Started

RSQ HQ - Cleaning & Facility Opportunities

Laundry & Dishes - A lot of laundry and dishes! We need help washing, folding, and organizing.


Yard Duty - Pull weeds in the dog yards, Ensure they have blankets to relax on, fresh water and the yards are clean of elimination.


RSQ HQ - Administrative 


Meet & Greet -  Welcome customers to the rescue and get some information to pass on to the on-site matchmaker to help select an appropriate animal. 


Office Assistant - General office duties such as greeting guests, answering phones, taking messages, filing, basic computer work, answering general e-mail, and
entering data (volunteer hours, newsletter list, etc).


On / Off-Site - Outreach


Educator - Volunteer educators will assist in creating handouts for the shelter, shelter events, and education outreach programs. The information will include things such as animal care, shelter services and programs, adoptions, training methods, etc.


Fundraising - Any experience in fundraising? We’re a non-profit organization, so helping us raise money
to help these animals is extremely important.


Marketing - Any experience in marketing & advertising? Help get our name into the community!


On / Off-Site - Creative 


Writing - How’s your writing? Assist with drafting/writing grants, newsletters, articles, animal bios, etc.


Graphic Design - Calling all technologically-inclined volunteers! Assist with our website, create signs, etc.


Photography - A cute picture of a dog or cat certainly helps with getting that adorable animal adopted. If you have photography skills, you can assist in taking pictures for our website, for events, etc.


The above listed are examples of opportunities generally available at the rescue. We however cannot guarantee any of the above jobs. Be sure you complete the part of our application that entails the way you are willing to help us. 

Unless the date / time says 'Unavailable'. We accept volunteers