Adopting / Fostering for us! 

Thank you for your interest in Countryside Animal Rescue and our animals. 


We make a commitment here to the voiceless to make sure that the perfect forever home for each of these rescued animals. In an effort to follow social distancing guidelines, be fair and serve both you and your pets we have implemented what we are hopeful will be a system to help people apply to adopt / foster our pets. 


We try and put as much accurate information in the description as possible, however we also try and post animals as soon as we can on our Facebook to make sure they can be seen. Sometimes we don't know a lot about the animals that come to us, and during the quarantine period we learn a lot about them. We do our best to update information as we arrive but we are a small and MIGHTY team. 


Please make sure that you have read the description of the pet and believe that you could be a good fit. 


If you believe that you are please proceed to STEP 1 which is completing this form: Click here! 


I cannot stress enough that for some pets posted we received hundreds of calls, texts and emails. We can't possible respond to all of those in a day. We are hoping that by adding the above step that people will follow directions and can be fairly addressed and help us find the perfect homes for our pets. If we believe that you are a good fit, we will contact you as soon as we able to schedule an in person meeting with you and the requested pet.



You should try and bring all members of your immediate household, and animals that live with you ( when possible and appropriate ) and then after all applicants are screened we will contact who we think will be the best fit for the people and the pet. This is the hardest part of the job but some of these animals have had such hard lives it is our jobs to make sure the cycle of being abused, abandoned, neglected, forgotten and alone stops with the adopter. 


Please have everyone wear masks to visit us and make sure no one is exhibiting signs of COVID-19. We are happy to reschedule if that is the case and hope that you help us in keeping everyone safe. 


Wet Licks & Tail Wags, 

Nancy, Amanda and Kim  


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